Death of a Parrot?

Well, well…it looks as though Alan Jones is reaching the end of the road.

The relevance road is what I mean, before anyone accuses me of something darker. I mean only the end of relevance.

But that is a bitter demise indeed for poor Alan who has made a career out of whoring himself to notoriety. Anything for a headline eh Al?

He’s always been at his most shrill when desperate, and his words this week – in response to the school strike by teenage activists – show how truly desperate he has now become in a last frantic bid to stay in the headlines.

Let’s have a close look at his latest antics to really understand (a) how completely out of his depth he has become vis a vis the science of climate change; and (b) how badly he’s lost his touch when it comes to convincing the rubes.

He accuses teenage activists of being brainwashed because they are anti-coal.

As a wealthy elitist appealing to the battlers Jones has always accused others of the very things he could himself be accused of, and here he goes again – accusing people with strong opinions of being brainwashed, because they have opinions contrary to his own (or the economic interests of his uber-wealthy coal mining mates). Cash for comment still?

He never cites any science in support of his brainwashing argument (he wouldn’t dare). He simply says that activist youth are hoodwinked into having anti-coal opinions by their leftist teachers. I would be interested to know what he believes the agenda of anti-coal people to be. Is it just some vague lefty evil? (He doesn’t really say.) Or might it be a science-based realisation that over-reliance on fossil fuels is polluting our atmosphere, warming up the climate and acidifying our oceans?

Just asking Al?

He then suggests that activist students would be better off switching off their iPhones or washing machines if they were truly committed to saving the earth.

Really Al?

It’s come to this? You’re now resorting to B grade high school debating tactics to make a specious point that is just too pathetic…

He actually suggests that young people should elect not to use electricity if they feel so strongly about climate change.

Thing is Al, there are many ways of generating electricity, and that is exactly the point. We should be de-emphasising fossil fuel electricity and encouraging renewable technologies as much as we can. Surely you knew there were other ways of generating power?

If yes, you deliberately obscured it. If not, you are simply ignorant and I don’t know what’s worse. Either way, you should never be let anywhere near a microphone again.

[The students] should stop making vacuous noises about something they know little about.

Has there ever been a more perfectly ironic statement from a public commentator?

How would he respond to Greta Thunberg’s accusation that all world leaders are interested in is money and fairytales of eternal growth?

How dare you Alan?

Fortunately the advertisers are at last deserting him in droves. I’m way too old and cynical to believe they’re doing that because of their high principles. I think they’re doing it because they no longer want to be associated with the reactionary voice of aging irrelevance.

That is not the voice of the purchasing future.

But any way you cut it – fewer people listening to Alan Jones is a really good thing.

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