Gosford Council, Are You Kidding?

All of us have heard stories of bureaucracy gone mad.

In most cases, despite the ignorance, stupidity or just plain evil, there is at least some sort of justification – no matter how wrong – but the subject of tonight’s blog is gobsmacking in its absolute absence of any kind of reason.

The Gosford Council, in its wisdom, has seen fit to put No Parking Unless on Patrol signs outside Avoca Surf Club. The sign stipulates that it is effective 24/7.

What this means is that people who are not on surf patrol are not allowed to park there, even though the Club does not roster anyone on at night, or in winter.

Accordingly, anyone who wants to take advantage of parking spots out the front of the club at night – like caterers, entertainers, wedding guests etc – will be fined – even at 2.42 on a Tuesday morning! I understand that numerous people have already been fined which can only mean the council pursued this new situation aggressively and advised its parking officers to strike while the newly forged iron was hot.

As a Surf Club member I am outraged.

As a Gosford Council rate payer I am absolutely disgusted.

What on earth are they thinking? No-one, in the history of Australia, has ever been on surf patrol at night.

The Council are effectively rendering those valuable parking spaces useless out of hours, which makes no sense at all. So why have the Council decided to go on this bizarre crusade against the people who will vote for them next time round?

The south end of Avoca is under enormous pressure as it is with the appalling decision to let the Cinema development go ahead without requiring additional parking provision. On any given day the back car park is unable to cope with demand, but what maniac would make a rule preventing entirely legitimate and reasonable use of the parking spots that remain in the Surf Club car park when no one is on patrol?

I am literally speechless at the thick-headed buffoonery that facilitated this ridiculous, nay EVIL decision.

It might have been merely ridiculous – but the proliferation of fines straight after implementation of the decision implies an intent to take advantage of the public’s ignorance of changed circumstances.

I call upon all Avocans to demand that the Council reverse this disgusting move and forgive all fines.

If they do not, I call upon all Avocans to take note of their sitting representatives and do all in their power to ensure they are not returned at the next elections.

We have already been let down very badly by those who purport to lead us. This just rubs further insult into outrageous injury.

Please share this message with all concerned Avoca residents and Gosford Council voters.



  1. Im guessing a Councillor bought a property across the road. Same thing happened in 2 streets in Saratoga. Councillor buys a property, bingo, kerb and guttering across 3 to 4 properties.

  2. Totally agree. Ridiculous!

  3. Gosford City Council doesn’t exist and hasn’t for over 2 years ..

    Have you contacted relevant staff in Central Coast Council, before your rant ?

    Or is this more about you than the issue ?

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